About Us

I have 4 passions in life to share with you – Motoring, Photography, Music and Grand Touring!
A Grand Tour is a trip which takes in arts, culture, traditions, politics and history alongside meeting contemporary people and experiencing contemporary places.
A Grand Tourer is a motor car which has a combination of agility, speed, comfort and durability to convey it’s passengers between destinations which may be near or far.
A Grand Tourist is one who seeks out not only the largest, most famous tourist destinations. The Grand Tourist also seeks out the authentic, obscure and important destinations even if they’re a long way from the “beaten track”.
Have A Grand Tour revolves around the essential ingredients to make a successful Grand Tour. It could be a Grand Tour of Lancashire in one day, or it could be the ultimate Grand Tour of Europe.
We bring you the people that shaped our world, the places where our world has been shaped and the arts that entertained us all along the way. Then we will be going on Grand Tours which bring it all to life!
Bring your cameras, start up your engines, and join us as we discover and visit some of Great Britain and Europe’s most important places, influential people and stunning eye & ear candy. We’ll reveal the stories behind them, we’ll show you how to visit and experience the stories for yourself!