At Have A Grand Tour, we’re bringing the 18th century concept of the Grand Tour into the 21st century!

The Grand Tour was a several months long voyage of adventure and discovery around Europe, undertaken by young people as part of their education. The Grand Tour would take in art, architecture and culture whilst exploring the history of great civilizations. 

Along the way, the Grand Tourist would experience day to day life in foreign lands. Of course, they would savour regional delicacies, festivals and much more.

The journey was part of the experience, but in those days, the journey would be in horse drawn carriages. Crossing inhospitable lands such as the Alpine mountains would often be on foot.

Today, we have much faster and more efficient transport. But today, people just don’t have several months of time to go on Grand Tours. 

Which is why we are putting together Grand Tours which can fit into a day trip, a weekend or even a week.

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