Ewloe Castle

Why was Ewloe Castle built in dense woodland with higher ground above?
A terrible place to build a castle, from a defensive point of view.
But that is exactly where Ewloe Castle was built by Llewellyn ap Gruffydd.
It would be easy for an attacking army to take the castle by surprise from the cover of the dense trees.
The castle was taken by King Edward I and was abandoned, left to fall into ruin.
Join me as we explore the ruins of Ewloe Castle after a pleasant stroll through Wepre Park alongside the Wepre Brook.
Located in Flintshire, North Wales.

Useful Information

Location CH5 3BZ
Nearest Bus Stop Wepre Park Entrance
Nearest Railway Station Shotton
Nearest Car Parking Wepre Park Car Park

Very limited roadside parking

Opening Times Always open
Notes There is a visitor centre nearby at Wepre Park with some facilities.
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