There is more to Prestatyn than caravan sites and shops!
Here, we discover 10 best kept secrets of Prestatyn.
Prestatyn is a seaside resort town on the North Wales coast, in the county of Denbighshire.
Barkby Beach marks the start of the Gronant Sand Dunes which is an SSSI.
Prestatyn Castle Yep, the site of a motte and bailey castle. With a mysterious history, little remains today of what would likely have been a wooden castle.
Nova is a modern sports centre, but did you know it was once a Lido and music venue which hosted The Beatles
Stink pipes, or stench pipes – what are they?
Prestatyn Railway Station was responsible for much of the rapid holiday trade growth the town experienced in the 1800s.
The Roman Bath House remains are perhaps the last thing you’d expect to find in the middle of a modern housing estate!
Prestatyn has a modern cinema – the Scala Cinema. An independent cinema with 2 screens, it first opened in 1913!
The Pochin Fountain This curious fountain, tucked away in a flowerbed commemorates the British Industrial chemist, Henry Davis Pochin who was a prolific landowner and invested heavily in Prestatyn.
The Parish Church In the early 1800s, Prestatyn was little more than a hamlet or village. By 1860, Prestatyn had grown to a size such that it warranted a sperate parish for the town. Thus, Prestatyn’s Parish Church, Christ Church, was consecrated in May 1863
Hillside Gardens the concrete shelter is a Grade II listed building with breathtaking views across Prestatyn and the North Wales coast.
Join me as we discover some of the best secrets in Prestatyn!

Useful Information

Location Prestatyn
Nearest Bus Stop Bus Station
Nearest Railway Station Railway Station
Nearest Car Parking There are several car parks in the town centre. The retail park does impose a maximum stay duration
Food & Refreshments There are several restaurants, cafes and take-aways in Prestatyn
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