The Italian One – ham sandwich

The humble ham sandwich can be found throughout most of the world.
It’s a staple lunch time snack.
But how do you like yours?
With Salad?
Or something else?

Whilst filming in the seaside resort of Prestatyn, North Wales, I got the pangs of hunger around lunch time. I stumbled into The Deli on The Hill and asked for an Italian One.
This is what I got…. Locally baked baguette with incredibly tasty cured ham, just the right amount of peppery rocket to add interest and topped off by bursting with juice halved baby tomatoes!
Is it a foodies dream come true?
Who would have thought that North Wales could be this cultured?
Hand prepared right in front of my eyes!
Have you had a better ham sandwich? Let me know in the comments below! ps, if you’ve not been to the Deli on the Hill, how can you know if you’ve had better? I like to support local small family businesses! And just in case anyone is wondering, this is a review of a sandwich which I paid full retail price for. I was not invited, supported, influenced or promoted in any way to make this video. It’s simply a ham sandwich which I enjoyed so much, I thought it would be worth sharing my very positive experience with you!
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Location The Deli on the Hill, Prestatyn
Nearest Bus Stop Prestatyn Bus Station
Nearest Railway Station Prestatyn
Nearest Car Parking Several car parks in and around Prestatyn